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4 Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Serviced Apartments

Staying in serviced apartments is 40% less expensive than hotels. This is a core reason that led many companies to prefer serviced apartments rather than booking hotel rooms for their employees on a business tour. It helps in lowering their expenses without compromising the quality of rooms.

Serviced Apartments

Sydney serviced apartments are not only ideal for business professionals but for vacationers as well, due to variety of services they offer. Here are five main factors that make serviced accommodations better from hotel rooms:

Cost Saving

Serviced apartments have comparatively lower operating costs than hotels, where an operator have to spend a lot on housekeeping, staffing, maintaining bar and restaurant.

Serviced apartments are equipped with kitchens, laundry washers, dryers and all other things which an occupant can use according to his/her wish by just paying a one time rent. 

Serviced Apartments

Privacy & Personalized Experience

Serviced apartments have gained popularity because of the comfort and convenience it offers to customers. Several business owners book serviced apartments for their employees due to the added privacy and autonomy, also these apartments are best for providing a homely feeling.

Some apartment providers in Australia provide additional services to its customers who pay the visit to the same apartment over and over again.


There is no doubt serviced apartments are more spacious than hotels. A guest can expect a separate well-furnished living room with the required furniture, serviced kitchen to prepare a meal of your choice, dressing and dining room.

Serviced Apartments

For business stays, Sydney CBD serviced apartments can be the perfect choice for guests who want to keep up their routine.

Location and Neighborhood

Furnished apartment companies have more options for its customers in desirable locations around the city, unlike the hotels which are located in the city center.

For business personnel who want to spend peaceful and quality time away from the city, serviced apartments are the most affordable options.

Serviced Apartments

Here they can enjoy all the amenities of hotels as well as additional facilities as mentioned above. Click this link to understand where serviced apartment sector is heading in international level.

So you can stay in touch with a single service provider of housing apartments to lower your burdens and to get special benefits like complimentary services, discounted rents and more. So be a part of this new housing trend and control your budget.