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5 Points to Consider before Renting Serviced Apartments to avoid Scams

Online rental listing is the most common target of scammers. Every 1 in 3 people gets scammed while searching serviced apartments online. Though online listing ease the process of finding Sydney serviced apartments there are many things which you need to care about preventing yourself from scams.

Here are some points that you can consider to minimize the risk of Rental scams:

Check Website Thoroughly

You can refine your search online according to your desire. There are many trusted real estate agents who own a website and update it regularly with a new listing whether they have the new Sydney CBD furnished apartments or Chatswood serviced apartments.

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You can verify their given phone numbers, email and business name before fully relying on their listed property. One of the best ways to verify the business name and phone numbers is searching it on the Facebook page. You can directly put the phone number in Facebook Search field and get access to the linked account.

Use Public records to verify details of the owner

If you hire a real estate agent for finding a rental apartment, you can ask him for the details of the landlord. You can check online directories of homeowners to make sure the property owner. Also, you can meet the owner personally, it will clear all your doubts regarding the rent and protect you from any kind of fraud.

Though many of the landlords from overseas are legitimate, trusting a reputed real estate agent can help you avoid scams.

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Say no to upfront fee

Dealers demanding upfront fee through untraceable payment mode should be considered as a red flag that you’re getting scammed. Most scammers insist tenants pay in advance and if you refuse they might give you a more prominent reason for payment or also can refuse your rental request.

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Compare Market Rates

You can visit two or more websites for searching an apartment according to your budget. It will allow you to compare rent before proceeding further and also prevent you from getting trapped by the scammers.
So, make sure you are contacting trusted real estate agents and are aware of all the tenant’s rights in Australia before searching an apartment. It will protect you from the Scammers and help you get better deals.