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Australia Holidays with the Family

Sydney Serviced Apartment Rental

Parents with older children may often feel they are no longer involved in their kids‘ lives. Teens especially seem to spend extensive periods of time on their iPhones sending sms messages to their friends, playing xbox in their room, checking their Facebook pages, and Tweeting all their latest updates. Is family time even relevant any more for older children?

Even though kids begin to separate from their parents, blossoming into their new-found identities and independence, they will still need mum and dad for years to come. Studies have shown that parents are one of the most significant influences on a child’s behaviour, even throughout the teen years. Teens who feel close to their parents are even less likely to engage in risky behaviours like smoking.

If your family‘s daily lives are a whirlwind of iPads, iPods, cell phones, and social networking, an Australian family vacation to a resort or furnished apartment in Sydney can bring back the closeness your kids crave. Your kids can enjoy a wealth of fun, unique experiences while making new friends. They will enjoy family time.

Family vacation spots with a variety of activities are essential to maintaining happy kids. Hiking through the mountains, abseiling, snorkelling, scuba diving, or just enjoying the sandy beaches with others their age is sure to keep any kid off their mobiles and engaged with their friends and family.

Keep your kids’ spirits high by planning vacation activities that will suit them. Many resorts offer spa treatments perfect for mother-daughter outings, while a rousing paintball game can be fun for the whole family. A furnished or serviced apartment offers your family all the comforts of home, including cable access and plasma screen tvs. With broadband internet access, no matter how far they are from home, your kids can chat with their friends in a moment.

Don’t avoid going on family vacation out of fear your kids will turn surly or spend all their time hooked up to their favourite high tech toys. Take them to a busy, activity-filled vacation spot and watch them blossom. You will find that your relationship will back to closer.