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Hotels are a tremendous accommodation for travelers. They believe that hotels offer great amount of comfort just like home, and also offer additional amenities. However, there are some disadvantages of hotels too.

Cost and space are the major issues. For these reasons, it is more convenient to use serviced apartments rather that hotel especially if you will stay for a few days or weeks.

Sydney Serviced & Furnished Apartments offer various benefits which can be similar to hotels without any disadvantages.


Serviced apartments offer more space and comforts as your home because they are more like homes as they include kitchens, storage rooms, bedrooms, two or more bathrooms etc.

The extra spacious feature allows you to spread out in the room as you want, cook your own meals, wash your own clothes or take the services of laundry facilities. All these features help you to stay both conveniently and affordably.

Some travelers who can get benefit from Castles Hills serviced apartments are:

  1. Travelers with long term stay:

People who relocate a lot due to their business projects can get benefit from serviced apartments with extra space and home like features.


These travelers may carry more of their belongings with them which may require more storage space and laundry facilities that are available in a serviced apartment rather than a hotel. These travelers can save a huge amount of money staying in these apartments.

  1. Travelers with children:

Staying in a hotel with children can be really frustrating. It can be difficult to store and organize snacks and toys in a hotel and there might not be enough space for everyone to live in comfortably.


With the help of a serviced apartment, it is easy to keep all the supplies for your kids properly. A separate room can also allow the kids to sleep peacefully in a separate bedroom.