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Good Tourist Spot, Katoomba – Blue Mountains of Sydney

Blue Mountain

Everyone talk about Australia, first impression is the Sydney Opera House, Downtown Melbourne City and the beaches. Here, we will introduce the outback of Australia – Katoomba – Blue Mountains. Visit Katoomba and you’ll see a whole other side of Australia.Blue Mountain

Katoomba rests in the Blue Mountains, one of the most breathtaking parts of the country, the population is around eight thousand people. The Blue Mountains are more akin to the landscapes, which is green and gorgeous.This area is known for its spectacular scenery, particularly the cliff-top views into valleys of gum trees and across to craggy outcrops that tower from the valley floor. It’s colder up here than in the city, and clouds can sweep in and fill the canyons with mist in minutes, while waterfalls cascade down sheer drops, spraying the dripping fern trees that cling to the gullies. A day tour may scratch only the surface but should give you a glimpse into why Sydneysiders love it.

The Blue Mountains are also one of Australia’s best-known adventure playgrounds. Rock climbing, caving, abseiling (rappelling), bushwalking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and canoeing are practiced here year-round.Katoomba is a great spot to visit on your trip to Sydney. Stop by in town for lunch and then take the cable Skyway across Jamison Valley, or hike the famous Six Foot Track, which takes you to the Jenolan Caves and across the Megalong Valley.

From the last year, more and more visitors who visit Australia are now looking for something more than the typical visits to Sydney and the Outback.

The town has gotten a little busier in recent years, especially around the big travel seasons, so if you want to check it out, you’ll probably want to do so soon, before it becomes the next big tourist spot. For now, Katoomba and the Blue Mountains are still a well-kept secret, so if you find yourself in or around Sydney, you may want to book a visit to Katoomba at the very next opportunity.

That’s really Australia. You can’t miss it in your trip.