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Best ways to find short term rentals in Sydney

People come to Sydney for many reasons. Sometimes they are just passing through on their way to other parts of Australia, and sometimes they are sightseeing. They may be visiting this remarkable harbour city on either business or holiday. Many of those who come to Sydney for long-term visits realize the value in short term furnished accommodation in Sydney.

These people may be staying with a group of friends or their family on an extended holiday, or they may even be relocating from the U.S. or Europe. In the latter case, a furnished apartment can provide the comforts of home during the time it takes to look for a suitable house.

There are many ways you can locate furnished apartments in Sydney. Using more than one method may be the best for finding the right apartment at the best price for you and your family.


Furnished apartments are often available through websites and similar venues. Simply click on your desired neighbourhood, and then click through the photos of available properties and their respective features and prices to choose the one that is best for you. (Sydney Serviced Apartment Rentals is good choice for your search.)

2. Relocation company

A professional relocation company can help you locate the ideal living space and get settled in more easily.

3. The homeowner

You can negotiate directly with the home or apartment owner and cut out the middleman. Of course, this requires that you either know the homeowner or be willing to search through print or Internet ads for the right location.

4. Managing agents

Managing agents often have access to vast numbers of available properties and may be able to narrow down your options based on your personal preferences and budget.

5. Travel agents

Although better known for making travel arrangements, your travel agent can help you locate long-term living arrangements or furnished apartments in Sydney.

Furnished apartments are far more comfortable than hotels for long-term visits to Sydney, but they are also often much more affordable than a hotel, motel, or similar living arrangement. Explore your options today to learn how budget-friendly and even luxurious a furnished apartment can be.