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Are Furnished Properties in Sydney Popular?

Sydney’s status as one of Australia’s most famous cities, if not THE most famous city in Australia, is undoubted and when you’re looking to book a trip to Sydney you want to be certain that you’ve chosen the right type of accommodation in the right location for the right price. That’s why more and more visitors to Sydney are choosing the fully furnished rental properties option. They’re all over Sydney, most of the time they are cheaper than hotels and the best thing about them is it’s all yours for the duration of your trip.

Furnished accommodation is becoming popular worldwide, not just in Sydney and it is increasingly becoming the preferred accommodation choice for young people, senior citizens and generally everyone. With furnished apartments, you get a variety of options and general freedom that you might not always get in a hotel or bed and breakfast such as self catering, cable television, running hot water and fresh towels. Well, maybe those last two are a little bit of an exaggeration but I’m sure that some guests who have had the unfortunate experience of not being able to perform their daily hygiene routine would beg to differ.

With furnished accommodation, you have two basic options: short term stay or long term stay. Short term is usually the most popular with travellers as they’re only looking to be in Sydney for a couple of weeks at the most before moving around Australia and in those couple of weeks they want to live in fully furnished apartments that are a home away from home. Those who choose long stay are people familiar with Sydney and want to stay for about a month or a little bit longer. They may have family living in Sydney and, rather than impose on them, book a long term stay in furnished apartments in the city.

The location of these furnished apartments is scattered throughout Sydney and you’ll find some of the furnished accommodation in prime locations ranging from the heart of the Sydney Central Business District right the way through to the suburbs of Randwick and Parramatta. The size of the furnished accommodation can be s small studio apartment up to a 4 bedroom house. The bigger properties are usually for those with large families or those wishing to share accommodation, such as large groups of young people looking for a place to crash after being out on the Sydney town. This type of accommodation is much more preferable to a hotel or bed and breakfast that might charger more or have stricter policies on room sharing.

Much of the domestic tourism market in Australia is relying on furnished accommodation when they visit Sydney, they’re very popular with corporations who prefer to install their employees in furnished apartments with self catering rather than hotels. For a start, it’s much cheaper for a company to arrange for their employees to stay in furnished accommodation than putting them up in a hotel where they could run up a fortune in room service bills. That’s where self catering comes in extremely handy. It could be said that hotels create a tense atmosphere and inhibit employees from conducting business in a way they normally would so a fully furnished apartment is much more conducive to a better working atmosphere.

Once the corporations got in on furnished accommodation it was only a matter of time before the normal tourist got on board with booking themselves a place to live while on holiday and in Sydney, there’s no better place than a fully furnished apartment if you like to do things at your own pace while on holiday.