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Why Serviced Apartments Are The Perfect Family Getaway Option


Family holidays are a great way to get together and to enjoy time quality time as a complete unit. Typically speaking, when choosing a location to stay, many families will opt for the security of a family resort, knowing that they won’t have to worry about the impact that kids will have on the other families around them. After all, when you do have small children, you worry about them being noisy or disrupting other guests – and so a family resort can often be a safer ‘go-to’ option.


The only problem with many family resorts is that they can be a little, well, family – and can often be lackluster when it comes to total fun for everyone. Why shouldn’t you, as the parents, want to enjoy a nice room and some creature comforts of home whilst still ensuring that your kids are well catered for?

That’s where the appeal of a luxurious serviced apartment to fit your whole family may be a great alternative. Take a look at these reasons why a serviced apartment is a great choice for your family.

1. True space for everyone to relax.

The best bits of home, with all the awesomeness of an apartment? Yes, please.

When you can choose from an array of one, two and three bedroom apartments, it’s quite easy to fit your family within a set budget. Enjoy the freedom of picking the perfect apartment for your family and choosing a layout that suits you. Unlike being in a hotel where you could potentially be crammed into the one space, or in separate rooms altogether, you have the total freedom to choose a serviced apartment which has a living room, separate kitchen, and as many bathrooms as rooms themselves – space for everyone to relax. 

A great choice for any family who wants to get together and enjoy the best parts of a city.

2. A Kitchen

Part of the struggle (and cost) when you’re traveling around with your family is ensuring that you can dine in occasionally (or at least keep costs relatively low) with your meals. With a serviced apartment, this is all taken care of – and all you need to do is head out to the local supermarket if you are on a tighter budget. What’s more, if your children have allergies, it’s far easier to cater for everyone with a traditional home cooked meal and you can even prepare meals for lunches to take with you on your day trips.

3. Creature comforts

Let’s face it, we are all creatures of habit and the struggle is real when it comes to keeping everyone happy on a holiday. The excitement of being away can hype up the children whilst mum and dad may just enjoy a cup of tea to wind down in front of the television after a long day. Whilst hotels do cater for these facilities, it’s often not the same homely feel.

That’s where a serviced apartment can bridge the gap between home and your holiday adventures.

4. Hotel perks & lavish locations.

Some of the best parts of a hotel are the luxury and prestige that it brings. We all love the feeling of being doted on and having our taxi’s booked for us. Well, now you can still experience the same in a serviced apartment! With many serviced apartments operating a reception and swimming pool, the feeling will never be lost. What’s more, with hotels catering predominantly for an extremely central locale, serviced apartments are usually situated in fantastic locations just outside the hustle, and RNR Darwin is no different. With accommodation options situated near the heart of Darwin’s bustling CBD, you are given convenient access to all of the bars, cafes & restaurants the city has to offer whilst retaining the feeling of being away.