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What Makes Short Term Serviced Apartments Better than Hotel Room?

Short Term Serviced Apartment

Short Term Serviced Apartment

Hotel has always been the obvious choice for the constant travel freaks or business peeps who live out of the suitcase in a distant city to meet the client more so often. All in all, if you’re someone who travels a lot and chooses hotel to stay in, you might want to consider serviced apartment to lie down.

Although, hotel rooms are easy to get, you just show your id, pay the fee and you’re all set. However, this is not the case with serviced apartments and yet it is a way better option than any of the hotel room. We have mentioned a few points briefly explaining why Sydney serviced apartments stands out in the race of renting places.

Short Term Serviced Apartment

Cost Efficient

Generally, a serviced apartment cost is lesser than a decent hotel room while providing more comfortable lodging space. 

A business unit should see it this way, if two people are travelling from the same company to the same city for the same purpose, they would require two hotel rooms for staying, however, with a two bedroom serviced apartment,both of them can share the same space at a cost of one.

Short Term Serviced Apartment

Privacy And Comfort

Usually, travelers or businessmen prioritise staying at a hotel room consisting of a large TV, plush beddings, tea-coffee facility and a snacks drawer. What more a person out of town would want? 

A serviced apartment also provides the same and even more amenities, the likes of which can make you feel at home, reasons why it is also referred to ‘home away from home.’

You can cook your own meal, sleep with your shoes on, sit on the lounge wearing nothing but a towel and all that without even worrying about any knock on your door, unlike hotel rooms.

Short Term Serviced Apartment 

Duration Of Stay

What if you have to extend your duration of stay in the hotel? Can you imagine the prices stacking up for each day, plus taxes and crap? When it comes to renting a place to stay, Sydney CBD serviced apartmentsare the best option. Not only it costs lesser but you can even negotiate the price further if you’re planning to live their for like few weeks or month.

Also, if more than one person are travelling, they can share the apartment and its cost, make whatever food you might want to, booze up, stay late and do whatever till your heart’s content.

There are other reasons like prime location without bump in the cost, personalised approach where you can select the view, amenities, type of apartment with numbers of room etc. Every single point signals toward an serviced apartment being better than a traditional hotel room. Click to read more how serviced apartments are becoming a threat for hotel industry.

Short Term Serviced Apartment