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Opportunities Offered By Corporate Accommodation

Serviced Apartment Sydney

Corporate accommodations make life easier when you go out of your town for few days. These are fully furnished apartments with services like a caretaker, cable TV service, bathroom essentials such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, towels etc.

The Sydney Serviced & Furnished Apartments is one of the fast growing accommodation in the market that provides high-quality stay for the corporate employees and is cost-effective accommodation for the companies who are choosing this option as accommodation.

Furnished Apartments 2

Hence, if you are moving to another country for business purpose for several days or months, living in a hotel may not provide comfort and flexibility equivalent to what corporate accommodation offers.

Some of the best opportunities provided by corporate housing include:

· Housing options

Corporate home servicing provides temporary housing in apartments, condos, town houses. These are designed to fulfill basic needs of the individuals or employees who are looking for a temporary relocation.

Therefore, corporate accommodations such as serviced apartments are the best option if your stay is going to be more than 20 days.

Furnished Apartments 1

It also allows comfortable stay to employees and owners if they bring their families with them while traveling to other cities on the business tour.

· Competitive pricing

The price of fully furnished apartments such as furnished apartment Sydney is 50% less than the price of the hotel rooms.


These apartments are specially designed to offer a home-like environment, different home like utilities like telephone, electricity, gas connection etc.

These apartments also offer high-technology facilities for the business employees like modems for internet connection, fax machine for business purpose, printers etc. This makes a hassle-free experience for the employees at a competitive price.

· Stress-free relocation

Employers have noticed that corporate accommodation decreases the stress caused with relocation or business traveling.

Companies also concluded that they have witnessed an increase in the productivity by reducing the employee’s stress levels.