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Properties of a Good Serviced Apartment

Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments mean fully furnished apartments which are available for both short and long term stays. Serviced apartments are different from hotels because of the type of facilities they provide.

For instance, it’s difficult to find a fully stocked furnished kitchen in any hotel room but it is available in a serviced apartment.

Features or properties of a perfect Sydney serviced apartments


Most of the serviced apartments have fully furnished features everywhere from the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Serviced Apartment

You can also search for short term accommodation Sydney if you are looking for some apartments with marble bathrooms and well-equipped kitchens with all the modern appliances.


Serviced apartments provide a lot of space when compared to hotel rooms. If you are looking for a long term accommodation then serviced apartments are the perfect option. For long term stay, you may need enough space to feel comfortable and free. Hotel rooms are congested with little space occupied by a table and a bed.

Serviced ApartmentServiced Apartment


The most important feature and benefit of a serviced apartment are privacy. Privacy is most important especially if you don’t want to get disturbed by fuses of a busy hotel.

Properties like the kitchen and huge space are the main factor that distinguishes serviced apartments from a hotel.

With the help of a equipped kitchens, you can cook your own food without eating the tasteless and repeated food of a hotel. Some serviced apartments have a huge closet racks for shoes and clothes.

Internet connection

Internet connection is one of the standard features of a serviced apartment. The internet connection can be a part of the whole package or can be a separate charge.



Serviced apartments have their own private parking area so you need not worry about the where you will park your car. View this link to read about concepts related to serviced apartments.

Laundry and cleaning services

Some serviced apartments have a fully furnished laundry rooms with best laundry machines which are common for everyone while some offer in-house cleaning services. Both the ways will keep your garments fresh and clean.