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If you travel frequently for work, chances are that you know the pain of being stuck in tiny hotel rooms and counting the minutes until you get to go home. Fortunately, there is a solution to this common problem – serviced apartments. Take a look at the top reasons we believe these spaces are the right pick for a travelling professional.

They are often more affordable

For most travelling business people, staying in or nearby the CBD is crucial as it provides you with easy access to clients, transport hubs and offices. Unfortunately, hotels in these areas can be pricey, so unless your company is generous with their accommodation budget you could easily find yourself in a less than ideal space. Luckily, sydney CBD serviced apartments are often the same price or less for a space that is far better than anything you can get in a hotel. So the next time you’re planning a business trip away, take a look at our options in your destination.

serviced apartments

They provide comfort and familiarity

When you’re away on a business trip, it’s easy to feel out of place and on edge – especially if you’re going for weeks at a time. With serviced apartments, it’s much easier to make yourself feel at home. Providing you with a larger, fully-furnished space and all the amenities you could ask for, these options are so much more than a stuffy hotel room you can’t wait to get out of. Make the change to a serviced apartment and see just how much more comfortable you feel in a space that is truly your own.  

Modern conveniences are at your fingertips

At our sydney furnished apartments, not only are our accommodation options fully equipped with amenities such as TV’s, Wi-Fi, microwave’s, dish and clothes washers and more, but they are always in the best locations. No matter where you’re staying throughout Australia, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re only a stone’s throw away from restaurants, entertainment, supermarkets, transport and business districts. That’s why we are the company of choice for so many professionals throughout the country; with us, no matter where you are, you know you’re getting a great service.

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It’s the best of both worlds

At the end of the day, serviced apartments offer the perks of being in a hotel with the comfort and convenience of having your own space. Fully staffed, they offer cleaning services, gym access and other facilities while also giving you the space you want or need in order to do day to day activities, such as cooking. For those people who want to feel at home with the added bonus of just a little luxury, a serviced apartment is the right choice.