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Serviced Apartments – Why They Are Great Alternatives to Hotels


There are several other alternatives to hotels that equally provide the same kind of comfort and services but at a much lower cost. One of these famous alternatives is serviced apartments.

Sydney serviced apartments are generally known as furnished apartments that consist of complete amenities like kitchen, washroom, living room and bedrooms which are rented out either for a short-term or long-term stay.

There are many serviced apartments around the world and there are some reasons why these apartments are considered as great alternatives to hotels:

  1. Value for the money: Paying for an entire apartment which is complete with kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, in general, are cheaper than a single hotel room at a five-star hotel.Thus, this is really value for the money. Also, most serviced apartments offer the same kind of facilities which is more comfortable than a hotel.


  1. More spacious: Definitely as you get all the amenities in an apartment, the living space is much larger than that of a hotel room.

    Hence, serviced apartments are perfect when you are traveling with your family or group of friends.Due to the added amenities such as kitchen, this adds more convenience for your stay. In short, it provides the same convenience as you find at home.

  1. Fully furnished: Sydney CBD serviced apartments are fully furnished along with all the appliances you may need such as television set, washing machine, and refrigerator. These are the added features that you may not get in a typical hotel room. Further, there is a regular maintenance service available in the room, wherein the maid will be looking after your room to make sure it is clean each day. 
  1. Location: Most of the serviced apartments are located in great locations around the city. Therefore, this makes it very easy for the guests to travel and visit top tourists destinations around the city. This is another great bonus to live in these types of apartments.