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What are Serviced Apartments and who needs them?

serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are regarded as the ideal choice for multiple weeks stay. These are fully furnished apartments equipped with all the household amenities and facilities at the comparatively less cost than hotels. 

For many people, staying in serviced apartment is like a real home where they have enough private space to enjoy sound sleep, kitchen to cook your own favorite meal, laundry room with proper sanitary facilities and more. It meets their need for security and comfort. 

serviced apartments

There are many companies in Sydney who are providing fully furnished serviced apartments for business travelers and vacationers. You can rent Sydney Serviced apartments which are ideally located near the transport hub nebaling you to commute to favorite places like restaurants, shopping malls and pubs.  

It has many options to offer its renters such as 1,2, 3, 4 BHK apartments or penthouse. If we talk about its suitability, these are ideal for:

Business travelers

Business professionals often travel to another city for few weeks, renting a fully furnished apartment would take off half of their worries of getting settled in a new location. The comfort and facilities of these apartments will surely provide them the warmth of a home. 

serviced apartments


For Families, traveling all the way to Sydney to enjoy some precious time together, Chatswood serviced apartments are a perfect choice. It allows the facility to get settled in the single apartment (either 2BHK or 3BHK) apart from booking connecting rooms in hotels. 

serviced apartments


Changing apartments with essential stuff is the major concern of every student. In serviced apartments, you can take along your laptop, books anything you want and can settle things according to your needs. 

These apartments make shifting less complicated by making essential household items available. That means, if you visit another city just for 3 months internship or for short-term course, you can blindly trust serviced apartments for stay. 

New residents

New residents always look for an accommodation that suits their routine life. Renting a serviced apartment until they find a good place according to their requirement would be a great choice from all aspects. A post in Real Views unveils the truth behind popularity of serviced apartments worldwide. Visit this link to read why serviced apartment is the new top choice for today’s travelers.  

With the comfort and convenience, serviced apartments will continue to rule the hospitality industry in Sydney. Just prepare a list of all your requirements before flying to Australia, rent an apartment in advance that best match your list and enjoy a comfortable stay.