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Sydney Neighbourhoods – Find Best Areas to Live in Sydney(2)

We list some areas about North of Sydney in last post. We will list more areas in this post, so that you can find your ideal property.


Western Sydney


Western Sydney is reputed to be the home of the Bogan.

Bogan is a word used by Australians and New Zealanders to describe a certain type of person.

A bogan is a person likely to sport a mullet hairstyle (the hair is short everywhere except for the back where it is shoulder length).

A bogan is also likely to own a Metallica T-shirt and to wear it whether the occasion is a rock concert or a wedding. When bogans are not racing their cars on suburban streets, they like to dismantle and reassemble them on their front lawns.

Western Sydney Facts

The average house price in Western Sydney ranges from about $650,000 – $750,000 in areas such as Blacktown and Penrith reaching $1,000,000 + in Baulkham Hills. In some suburbs, such as Baulkham Hills’s Annangrove, the average house commands a price in excess of $2 million. (House prices from late 2016.)

Western Sydney covers a very large area, and actually makes up the bulk of metropolitan Sydney.

The number of Australian born residents is lower than Sydney’s average. The main migrant group depends on the area. It can, for example, be Filipino, Lebanese or Vietnamese.


Inner West Sydney


Inner West Sydney is harder to stereotype than other areas of the city.

It is variously thought of as: trendy, lively, multicultural, arty and the haunt of drug-addicted burglars and car-thieves.

Inner West Sydney Facts

The average house price in Inner West Sydney in late 2016 was about $1,5 million – $2 million.

Most properties are part of a row or are flats / apartments. The average apartment costs about $700 – $1,000,000.

Inner West Sydney is home to several of Sydney’s best known academic institutions including the University of Sydney, the Australian Catholic University and the University of Technology. As as a result of this, some areas of Inner West Sydney have high student populations.

The Inner West is also home to a number of highly regarded private and state secondary schools.

There tend to be more Australian born residents than average in this area.

British and New Zealanders are the biggest migrant groups.