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Sydney Neighbourhoods – Find Best Areas to Live in Sydney(1)

Where should you live in Sydney? Given that Sydney is a vast, sprawling city with an area of over 1,100 square kilometres (700 square miles) and is home to 4.8 million people, we’ll begin by making some broad characteristics.

Here, we list some different part of Sydney, maybe you will find best suburbs for your living.


North Sydney

North Sydney is populated by rich snobs.

They drive 4WD cars, but only in the city, and they are the products of expensive private schools.

They like to talk about money, the stock market, house prices and their golf-club memberships.

Lower North:

This is the part closest to the city centre, just over the famous harbour bridge.

The average price for a house in the lower north of Sydney in late 2016 was $2 million.

Most people don’t live in houses here – they can’t afford them. Flats / apartments and row houses make up the majority of properties. A typical apartment costs about $800,000 – less than half the $2 million you would expect to pay for an average house.

Crime rates are lower than the Sydney average.

Lower North Sydney: Looking over the Harbour Bridge to the Central City

Northern Beaches:

Moving further north, average house prices remain high.

The average house price in the Northern Beaches for a house is about $1.5 million to $2.5 million – although in the Manly local government area this rises to over $2.5 million. About half of houses here are separate, detached houses.

The Northern Beaches have more Australian born residents than most areas of Sydney, around 70 percent.

The main migrant groups are British and New Zealanders – the green, lush, Northern Beaches are popular with British families seeking the Australian beach and lifestyle dream. Getting into the central city in rush hour can, however, be a trial.

Crime rates are lower than the Sydney average.

Upper North Shore:

Houses in the upper North Shore are also expensive. Expect to pay over $2 million to live in an average house in the Ku-ring-gai local government area – reputed to offer its residents the highest quality of life in Australia. Units cost from $750,000. The Hornsby area is somewhat cheaper, with an average house price closer to $1.2 million and an average unit price of $650,000.

In the suburbs closest to the city, there are fewer Australian born residents than Sydney’s average.

The largest migrant groups are from the UK and Hong Kong or China.

Around half of the houses are detached.

Farther from the city, the proportion of Australian born people grows significantly and there is more space for housing – more than three quarters of houses are detached.

Crime rates are lower than the Sydney average, particularly in suburbs farther from the city.